Aurad wal Manaqib

Ahlussunna Mission

Digitalized Dikr, Dua, Maulid, Baith, Swalath, Malapatt, Ratheeb, and more

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Package id: aurad.skssf.cyberwing
Updated: 2022-09-02
Installs: 456.3K+
Categoy: Books & Reference

About Aurad wal Manaqib

This App help you to Read most of Maulid, Dikr, Dua, Swalath, Baith, Malappattu etc..
This app Contains
✓ Al Kahf
✓ AsSajada
✓ Yaseen
✓ Addukhaan
✓ ArRahmaan
✓ Al Vaqia
✓ Al Hashr
✓ Al Mulk
✓ Ashraqa baith
✓ Burda
✓ Salam baith
✓ Thala'al badru
✓ Ya akrama baith
✓ Swallal ilahu(umarqali)
✓ Allafal alifu
✓ Asmaul husna baith
✓ Hubbunnabi baith
✓ Qaseedha muhammadhiyya
✓ Dikrullahi mifthahun
✓ Ya latheef baith
✓ Ya sayyidhee baith
✓ Fee hubbi sayyidunaa
✓ Aqsam baith
✓ Thawassul bi shamsil ulama
✓ Dars Thudangumbozhulla baith
✓ Thavassul Bi Davud al Hakeem

✓ Sharafal Anam Maulid
✓ Manqoos Maulid
✓ Manqool Maulid
✓ Badr Maulid
✓ Davoodul Hakeem Maulid
✓ Shamsul Ulama Maulid
✓ Mamburam Moulid
✓ Madavoor Moulid
✓ muhyudheen mauled
✓ Rifaee Maulid
✓ Ajmeer Maulid
✓ Muhiyiddeen Mala
✓ Rifaaee Mala
✓ Nafeesath Mala
✓ Aizamu Swalath
✓ Auradu Majlis Swalath
✓ Thaju Swalath
✓ Nariyath swalath
✓ elliyazhcha raavile swalath
✓ Dalailul Khairath
✓ swalathul muniyath
✓ swalathul munajath
✓ swalathu thibb
✓ walathul fathih
✓ Fryday swalath

✓ Barath Raavile dua
✓ Dua Al Karb
✓ Hisb Al Bahr
✓ Hisb Annasr
✓ Kanzul Arsh
✓ Khathmul Quran
✓ Noorul Eeman
✓ Sayyidul Isthifar
✓ Thouba
✓ Multiporpose Dua
✓ Virdullatheef
✓ Ramalan dua
✓ kabarungal dua
✓ alkahf dua
✓ sayyidul isthigfar
✓ alkahf dua
✓ first night dua
✓ Haddad
✓ Muhiyudheen Ratheeb
✓ Pookkoyathangal Ratheeb
✓ Rifaaee Raatheeb
✓ Jalaliya Ratheeb
✓ kuthubiyyath
✓ Maashira
✓ Quthubathu Nikkah
✓ Thasbeeh Niskaaram
✓ Niskaaram
✓ Mayyith Niskaaram
✓ Thalqeen
✓ Thasbeeth
✓ Majlisunnoor
✓ Asmaul husna
Now Available in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and English languages.
and Most using Dikr, adkar, atkars also included
its a Complete Adkar Kitab.
App created By SKSSF Cyber wing State Committee
(an SKSSF Silver Jubilee Grand Finale Gift)

Aurad wal Manaqib is a Books & Reference application developed by Ahlussunna Mission. Its rated three out of five stars on Playstore and have over 456,285 installs. We currently have one versions of the app available on our site. The latest available version is which was uploaded our site on Mar 10th, 2022. The size of app is around 28 MB. You can easily install it on your phone after downloading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q2. What is an XAPK File?

XAPK is new file format for Android apps. Its basically zip file which contain apk for different devices along with assests. You can use xapk installers to install app on your phone. It helps developers to offer small download size for their app.

Q3. Is it Safe to Download Aurad wal Manaqib from Apkpicker? ?

All APKs on our site are directly downloaded from Playstore without any modification. So you should feel safe when installing APK from APKpicker.

Q4. Where file will be saved after I download it?

You should be able to find it in a download folder using file manager or use your browser download section to access it directly.

Q5. How to install Aurad wal Manaqib on your phone?

If its an APK file then simply clicking on the file will start the installation process You may need to enable external installation option from the settings). But if its the XAPK file then you will need to use xapk installation app to install this app.