Breaking Bricks

 - With Balls
Poko Games 3.3

Breaking Bricks: With Balls is bringing you an engaging & relaxing game to play.

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Package id: com.pokogames.ballbrickhit
Version: 3.3
Updated: 2022-08-25
Installs: 1K+
Categoy: Arcade

About Breaking Bricks

Breaking Bricks: With Balls is a classic brick game, a fun and challenging game with simple play control and a wide range of levels to complete.
Do you like brick shooter games? Just try this brick-and-balls breaker game. It will give you fun and relaxation! This new version of the Breaking Bricks: With Balls will include many new brick levels each week.
Bricks vs. balls breaker is one of the top free games of bouncing ball games. The brick shooter is a classic brick game but with some new free features.

Relax your brain by playing this ball brick breaker game. Focus on breaking bricks with balls, and you will find this bricks n balls game the most addictive and challenging brick game of 2021.
🎮 Gameplay of Breaking Bricks: With Balls 🎮
🏐 To win this brick-and-ball game, you must break as many bricks as possible in a single shot.
🏐 You can aim the bricks by swiping your finger from left to right.
🏐 Once you have the aim line where you want it, release your finger, and you will receive multiple balls, and you must hit the bricks and bounce the balls off
🏐 The color on the brick indicates the number of times the ball must strike it to destroy it.
🏐 Once all bricks are down, a new round begins. The Bricks N Balls game will now generate a new line of bricks to break, allowing you to use more balls.
🏐Key Feature of Breaking Bricks: With Balls 🏐
🎮 You can play this brick shooter game for free.
🎮 It is easy to control balls.
🎮 Free and fun games without Wi-Fi.
🎮 A lot of bricks to break and have fun.
🎮 Levels with a lot of bricks breaking.
🎮 Great experience with the ball crusher.
🎮 A brick breaker that is also playable offline.
A bricks ball crusher is an addicting and challenging free-to-play brick-breaking game. You will break all the colored bricks using only the balls at hand. You will no longer fear dropping the balls with new gameplay. Can you still pass this ball break bricks game, regardless of how easy it may seem?
Whether you aim at the right angle, plan your strategy, calculate the steps you need, or follow your gut, you must clear all the blocks before they touch the bottom in this brick ball game. Get as many bonuses as possible to collect all three stars and achieve the highest scores. In this ball brick breaker game, you will have to use your brain to calculate the angles and paths of rebounds for each ball to complete all the levels.
You can blast your way to victory if you keep your eyes on this bouncing ball game! Breaking Bricks: With Balls offers a great way to relieve stress, relax, and have fun. Do you want to play it? Then enjoy hours of stimulating brick-breaking fun with balls brick breaker now for free!
Reasons to Play Brick and Balls Breaker:
🎮Bricks n balls game offer an immersive experience with stunning graphics, soothing music, and stunning sound effects that will help you relax and unwind during stressful times.
🎮You can improve your spatial awareness and logical reasoning skills by calculating the angle, strategizing the launch, and considering carefully before releasing the balls in this brick shooter game.
🎮You can play this brick-breaking game at your own pace without any time restrictions or penalties.
So If you are looking for a ball vs bricks game, or want to have fun in your free time with a mind refreshing brick breaker shooter game, then this bricks vs balls 2021 game could be the right choice for your need. Since it consumes little power and is so light, the battery and memory of your phone won't run out. You can install this on your phone without any worries.
Download This Breaking Bricks: With Balls and have a delightful time with your friends and family. Relive your stress and enjoy a wonderful relaxing time by playing this game. We hope you enjoy this fun and exciting game to the fullest. Happy Game time to you!

Breaking Bricks is a Arcade application developed by Poko Games. Its rated three out of five stars on Playstore and have over 950 installs. We currently have one versions of the app available on our site. The latest available version is 3.3 which was uploaded our site on Mar 19th, 2022. The size of app is around 26 MB. You can easily install it on your phone after downloading.

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