Master Craft

 - Crafting And Building
sawer96 3.0.0

Master Craft – New Crafting Game Creative Multiplayer

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Package id: com.sawer.craft.building.mastercraft
Version: 3.0.0
Updated: 2022-08-26
Installs: 199.8K+
Categoy: Adventure

About Master Craft

Master Craft – New Crafting game is a three-dim game that allows users to break blocks, craft cool items, and build amazing structures.
At night you will need to prepare for some fighting because monsters will invade you.
You can play MasterCraft with friends and build a strong clan of friends
In Master Craft – New Crafting, you select your skin and customize your character with your image,
and unlock an experience worthy of your time. Once everything is set,
generate your perfect world and begin your crafting spree with MasterCraft.
You will discover a cubical world filled with wandering creatures and an abundance of trees.
Craftsman will look like the best place to start building whatever your heart desires,
but that will be until the night will fall upon you. You better have a roof over your head when the sun goes down,
or who knows what monsters you will find lurking in the shadows.
Lokicraft is the middle of the forest can be very scary once the creatures of the underworld start coming to the surface.
Are you prepared to face your fears?
NEW FEATURES Master Craft - New Crafting 2021:
- Cool graphics: enjoy the best pixel graphics with high fps
- Crafting And Building game with huge 3D world
- Crafting and building 2K21 during day, survive at night
- Making incredible buildings
- Master Craft powerful weapons and armor
- Try out everything in safe map without enemies
- Unlimited resource to build with plus the ability to fly
Master Craft Crafting and Building 3D - Free Exploration be creative in your own generated infinity world.
Grow unique animals and monsters that will be available only to you.
Master Craft and World Crafts mode of Survival, you need to craft the necessary items for survival and protect yourself from wild predators and night zombies.
World generated in real time, crafting of building, city build craft exploration.
Master Craft – New Crafting game there are a variety of ways to collect resources and gather resources,
weapons and kraft weapons, crafting & building 2020, survival games Lokicraft and build.
Craftsman generated in real time, crafting of building, city build craft exploration.
Mastercraft – New Crafting mode of Survival, you need to craft the necessary items for survival
and protect yourself from wild predators and night zombies.
Mastercraft - New Crafting 2020 is the most important thing in the game,
Craftsman 2020 exploration, the Lokicraft explore building.

Master Craft is a Adventure application developed by sawer96. Its rated three point three out of five stars on Playstore and have over 199,792 installs. We currently have two versions of the app available on our site. The latest available version is 3.0.0 which was uploaded our site on Mar 20th, 2022. The size of app is around 82 MB. You can easily install it on your phone after downloading.

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